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Sydney awaited TBTG at the end of 18-hours of upgraded boon and so we find ourselves back where we started, in joy and gratitude for blessings, bounty, and bliss due in largest part to visits by and with friends too numerous to list here! Thank you all’n’all. Such a life gives us all continuous pause for praise and thanksgiving, but most of all we are thankful for you dear and gentle reader - and since you’ve read this far - true and faithful friend one’n’all’n’all.       


We raise a glass to you and yours, be you near or on some foreign shore, for ‘tis God’s Grace that ere we met, and His true promise that we’ll yet be reunited in our love and arm-in-arm in Heaven’s pub!  Slainte!


Finally, as is our custom please join us in inviting our Lord to watch over our coalition and Ukrainian troops as they go into battle today, to give comfort and strength for the battles they will fight inside, and to shine His face upon the families at home as they also serve who only sit and wait.     




Mike, Gloria, Carissa & Jeff, and Michael Ryan, Moonbean & Lovecat too

                                             Live memorably!                

 (814) 421-6187

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