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Michael the Elder (ME) aside the aforementioned, continues consulting, collaborating, counseling, and copy- writing with the likes of Sky News, Al Jazeera, Friends of Europe (Board), the Ted Stevens Center, and now the American Committee on Foreign Relations who sponsored his visit to Des Moines to caucus with the raucous local ACFR chapter. ME was privileged to chair a panel of luminaries including a Norwegian admiral / dear French war college classmate during Norway’s Henry Bacon Seminar. ME and G4 helped design, build, deliver, and dedicate an extraordinary new Veterans Monument at our Carrolltown American Legion listing >2500 local names (Google it) whilst ME & MMB were part of the “best seen” PA State Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians here in Johnstown where “a good time was had by all n’ all.” 

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Whilst in Blighty we delightfully donated a B-17 photo signed by many of the original 398th BG(H) to their Museum in Nuthampstead. ME got to go to NATO twice this year, to include the always memorable ADIF Christmas Reception.  G4 and MMB flew to Arizona to help celebrate G4's Aunt's 95th Birthday. ME’s copious free time goes to managing G4’s She Shed renovation and the professional refurbishment of our 1885 Newton & Co square grand piano, a ‘ting of beauty she is. Golf, skiing, wine, and workouts round out the program, and delighted to say visits with family (Judy & Peg‘n Tom) filled our hearts with joy SBP! (Photo below: At the end of the earth)

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