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The Globetrotters Carissa and Jeff +Lovecat (Where does she get it?) did Sweden, Denmark, and for Carissa’s Birthday Berlin as well as California for the Nixon Library, visit galpal Georgia in Palm Springs, and rustle up fun in Pioneer Town, also New York for Camelot and the Detroit Marathon to support guypal Andrew. Closer to home, King Richard’s Faire, and sadly, closing of a favored Brewery. Skiing (SB for Jeff) in Maine, Tahoe, Vail, Beaver Creek et al, plus the big news: an upcoming move to Chicago from Boston, so they’re selling the awesome ski & country retreat in Maine (Pinehaven Link) [hint hint] and winding their way to the windy city. The social event of THE year was pawsdown Lovecat’s “Catceañera” bash for her 15th birthday! A catwoman now meow!

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