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Michael the Elder (ME), in occasional retirement, for his part relishes remnants of a readily-remembered reality by re-engaging regularly to reenergize rationality and refresh reason by writing (Chapter on China out soon), commentating (Sky News, Al Jazeera, GBT), lecturing (Crystal, SeaDream, Azamara, Viking so far), consulting (defense firms), and connecting (even farther while avoiding getting even wider).  Closing out yet another Grace filled year (YAGFY) G3, ME, & MMB fulfilled a G3 dream / Christmas prezzie attending the dazzling Shen Yun in PGH. A spectacle for all’n’all to be sure SBP! And then, if all that were not enough, the long-awaited friends-inspired camouflage-attired Red Neck Regalia rounded out the YAGFY in find fashion and loose-fitting style with a feast of pheasant, venison, wild boar, steelhead, and many other very local delicacies all dished to delight in gourmet greenery!  

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