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Carrying on chronologically as it were AWE-fully attentive ALTAIRS know RY23 began in Singapore amidst Curry Puffs and Slings afore beering in Bavaria at Andechs, Augustiner, and the obligatory HofbrauHaus. Whilst quaffing in Garmisch, Oberammergau, und Riessersee, schnitzel, currywurst, pommes, and spaghetti eis, helped the medicinal go down. Greenland next (I’m not making this up) to assuage all things Arctic for the assembled in Nuuk. Fjords & musk ox steak tamed the treeless tundra twixt taskings. Two steps to Texas then doing double Dallas duty for Rowdy’s 70th B-day and Broiler’s nuptials sprung May into summer mostly home save a savory sojourn south to spend the winey season with near & dear lakeshore willfully wetting whistles, whiskeying oneself wonderfully, and winging watercraft wistfully (a jetski is a lovely t’ing).

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Business in Brussels beckoned but ‘n Emerald siren lured us to Dublin afore Lavenham, UK, for our 37th anniversarial retelling, then high tea at the RAF Club (thanks Geoff) before back to BRU for inter alia a gourmet gathering of gallant gods (aka fighter pilots) who bestowed on our earth-bound host his now most prized possession – a call sign: COF. Cat On Fire is now a very happy man! (Film at 11) Cancun-sunned sisters summered seaside afore invading Indiana by car/truck for nephew nuptials stopping at the Air Force Museum and lingering at the Boone County Jail (distillery). Business in Bavaria bounded by Bacchanalian bounty compelled the Deutsche Double: world’s largest winefest before AND Oktoberfest after (with Rowdies of course). Paris family offered a weekend respite of red wine, WC Rugby, et Le Malakoff TBTG!

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