nn                                                                                                                                                           Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

                 Which is Ukrainian for "Glory to Ukraine! To the heroes, glory!"

All Long Time AWE-Inspired Readers (ALTAIRs) will by now during this their yearly Guinness-marinated revelry be retelling the instantly infamous AWE origin story to friends, family, felines, and felicitous fellows gathered gleefully round the Jameson’s jar, to wit: Once upon a time in the mystical merry land of motherhood, where many a prolific young couple falls prey to precious, often precocious, and potentially pernicious, prodigy, the very-wee band of Amer-Irish grew so quickly and so happily that all regard for externalities and realities was thrown to the proverbial wind up to and including the ability to, nay responsibility to, respond during the Christmas season to well-wishers far and wide who so faithfully blessed the growing family with considerable considerate correspondence. Good Irish guilt being what it is, the little people rallied to convey commensurate convivialities ever clearly communicated continuously in a carefully constructed compendium from that year to this appearing annually, as it should, on this most festive occasion Thanks be to God (TBTG).

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