nn                                                                                                                                                           Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

                 Which is Ukrainian for "Glory to Ukraine! To the heroes, glory!"

Post reunion whilst ME slaved (AUSA) G3 played out West sistering siblings sampling seductively sensual sinus-searing scents - chili peppers to be exact. A new suitcase full of said S5s confounded drug dogs upon airport arrival in time to depart aboard Azamara Quest in Athens bound via Alexandria, Aqaba (Petra), Eilat (Jerusalem), the Suez Canal, Muscat, for Dubai. A week in Paris gave us respite from a long flight as did brother Anil’s hospitality, which included a sumptuous side trip to Brussels as one does. God’s timing being divine, our Paris moment coincided with Saveurs et Vins, our favorite gastronomic event at which we first met and now met again les proprietors de Chateau LaMothe de Haux! Mon Dieu!! 20+ years ago they named their best wine after their new daughter Valentine, and this year we met her - Incroyable!! Happily home for Thanksgiving TBTG in time for Chosen in theaters and Gloria’s sisterly recuperative visit by Elsa for Hip #2, whilst, of course, ME Old Worlded for “work” to NATO (taking one for the home team to be sure dontcha know) ADIF Reception, Neuhaus factory store, famous and infamous friends, Op Bear II planning (wait for it) and V2X success! Upon return, frolicking with freezing friends festively fortifying freely we Christmas Eve Eved at the golf course bar across the street in -42F winds then the following week rinsed and repeated to rock New Year’s Eve Eve in +55F. 

Just below, Garden of Gethsemane, then Le Ciel du Paris restaurant atop the Tour Montparnasse
Right, Petra Treasury, Thanksgiving, Christmas at the Pittsburgh airport