nn                                                                                                                                                           Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

                 Which is Ukrainian for "Glory to Ukraine! To the heroes, glory!"

Blessings are indeed bountiful and uncountable but clear nevertheless as Michael Me Boy (MMB) returned for Christmas having embraced multi-generational living, mentoring, coaching, exercising, and cat sitting all to his great personal benefit. MMB is now poised to pursue passions yet to be discerned, while becoming, if that were possible, even more handsome. A pleasure to have around the house, both MMB and ME are delighted to have found time together thought lost and look forward to flying, cruising, and skiing together in RY23. Saints Be Praised (SBP)! They both enjoy aerobics, Benjy banter, Johnstown Tomahawks and virtual reality at the local lair. Michael the Elder (ME), in occasional retirement, for his part relishes remnants of a readily-remembered reality by re-engaging regularly to reenergize rationality and refresh reason by writing (Chapter on China out soon), commentating (Sky News, Al Jazeera, GBT), lecturing (Crystal, SeaDream, Azamara, Viking so far), consulting (defense firms), and connecting (even farther while avoiding getting even wider).