nn                                                                                                                                                           Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

                 Which is Ukrainian for "Glory to Ukraine! To the heroes, glory!"

Around the house we installed a massive hardstone terrace in front of the “old” farmhouse (built 1852), and (with MMB) took up the bricks in front of the “new” house (1879) due to roadworks and had them re-installed as a patio in the backyard -- Come see both projects and raise a glass too! We’ve started Movies Under the Stars on the terrace where we enjoy the company of the neighborhood watch (pun intended), as well as sumptuous gatherings, visits with friends too numerous to list here! Such a life gives us all continuous pause for praise and thanksgiving, but most of all we are thankful for you dear and gentle reader - and since you’ve read this far - true and faithful friend one’n’all’n’all!

                                TBTG for all of you-SBP!

Gloria's 19th century hand-pump well is visible beside the "old" house (1852)

Gloria's full size well in front of her She Shed